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Bananakeet Café, Tortola

Bananakeet Café is the place to go just before sunset.

And I don’t just mean because they always give customers a ‘shot’ on the house then.  It also has arguably the best sunset view on the whole of Tortola.  Now, that is some claim – there are so many fantastic sunsets here but, believe me, many people will gladly tell you that watching the sun slip down below the horizon at Bananakeet has something that little bit extra special.

The Bananakeet Café is another of those restaurants attached to a hotel – in this case The Heritage Inn at Windy Hill, Carrot Bay.  As with many places here, though, it attracts its clientele from outside the hotel as well as from residents. And they don’t just come for the sunsets!

Sure, the windy road switch backing up Windy Hill to the café, from where you can overlook Carrot Bay, Apple Bay and Long Bay has got to make it worthwhile for the food as well as the scenery.

The Bananakeet Café, known throughout the Caribbean

And the food is justifiably famous throughout the islands.  International cuisine is the order of the day at the Bananakeet, but with a distinctly Caribbean fusion.  This means that amongst the starters you will discover European classics such as Bruschetta and Caribbean favorites like Conch and Saltfish Fritters. The main course can offer choices from Filet Mignon or Anegada Style Grouper Filet or even, my favorite, Spicy Peanut Pork Loin.

This is a fabulous, upscale but completely unpretentious eating experience – just how dining should be.  If you have a ten year old who wants a grilled cheese because he’s had enough grown-up food – then they’ll serve it with a smile and as much attention as they give to your Seafood Pasta Extravaganza; this is that sort of place.  They are proud of their food here – each dish is carefully prepared to order – which means that you’re not rushed through the courses and you can really take in those panoramic sea views, sitting perched 400 feet above sea level.

The Bananakeet Café is closed on Mondays, otherwise it serves dinner from 6 to 9 pm.  Sunset Happy Hours runs from 4 thru 6, when you can take advantage of a $1 discount on any cocktail.  They have a Poolside Brunch each Sunday from 10 until 2 and a Saturday evening barbecue.  If you want to relax whilst watching your sunset, eating your meal and listening to some live, high quality Caribbean folk music, then book a table for either a Wednesday or a Friday evening, because they are the music nights.

Even if you’re not a Heritage Inn resident, the staff at the Bananakeet will make you feel completely at home – you’ll appreciate why so many people who have eaten here have given such good reviews of the food and the service – and the sunset!

The Bananakeet Café can be telephoned to make a reservation at 2844945842. The Heritage Inn also has a website which you can visit at www.heritageinnbvi.com  for further information about this spectacularly located gem.

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