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All About Tortola News

Whether it's before you go, while you're there, or after the vacation, having access to Tortola news can enhance your vacation and help you make the decision about whether to purchase property there.

Read Tortola News Before You Go.

Good news outlets tell you before you go when the best festivals are running and what specials to look for. More than that, they will tell you what to look for in the people of the island, how to behave, and something about social morals. If you correspond with people who post on Tortola online news sites before you visit, you may even be able to make some valuable contacts there, and have friends before you arrive.

Check places like BVINews.com for information about Tortola right now. You'll find news and information about Tortola and the other British Virgin Islands, and a friendly online community to ask questions of. Don't forget to read the advertisements too. You can find some great advertised deals here and nowhere else.

Tortola News in print

The BVI Beacon is a good weekly paper covering the British Virgin Islands, including Tortola news, and focuses more on local activities rather than international news. This is a great paper to read if you want to know more about the upcoming regattas, cruise ships, and local events. Read the editorial page to get a better handle on local color, speech patterns, and that indefinable thing called atmosphere.

The Virgin Island Stand Point is an independent weekly, with news you may not find in the other local outlets. This online paper is a must-read, with not just obscure crime news that will teach you things you must know before you go, but also Tortola news about shops, sales, art, and business. This is not a great paper to read for local watersports (that would probably be the Beacon) but it will carry all the other stuff you want to know before you visit the island.

The Island Sun newspaper, also online, is another weekly local paper. They have a great classified section you can use to find off-list rentals. Be warned: their online publishing schedule is eccentric to say the least, so for serious trippers a paper subscription may work better.

Tortola News on the Radio

It's not all about newspapers. You can listen to ZBVI Radio online and when you get to the Virgin Islands. With its broadcast station located in Road Town, Tortola, ZBVI covers most of the eastern Caribbean. This station is great for news and specials advertised, but you can also listen to Caribbean music and Virgin Islands “fungi” music while you're planning your vacation – just to get you in the mood.

Get Specials While You're In Tortola

While these news outlets are great before you visit the islands, Tortola news is also a great thing to consult when you're looking for the best things to do around town. Where do you find coupons and specials generally directed at locals? In your paper. Check to see if you'll have internet access at your Tortola hotel. If not, it may be a very good idea to list the papers you liked online, and pick up paper copies throughout your stay in the British Virgin Islands.

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